Compliance Management

Effective compliance has become an imperative, more so in light of increasingly regulated operating environment for businesses in India. With cost of poor compliance increasing many fold over the last few years, compliance management is critical to an organization’s overall risk mitigation strategy, in addition to increasing transparency and accountability.

UnComplycate offers an end-to-end compliance management solution encompassing compliance assessment to identify the specific set of compliances applicable to your business (this factors in your industry sector, geographic locations, type of activity carried out from each location and a host of other parameters), compliance task management using a cloud-based platform and ongoing updates to evolving compliance requirements.

Service Offerings

  • An integrated approach to holistic compliance management that leverages our database of 3,00,000 discrete compliance tasks at Central, State, Municipal and Panchayat levels
  • End-to-end support, including compliance audit/assessment, task management using our online compliance management system, training and ongoing support
  • Risk assessment and compliance gap analysis to identify all applicable laws, regulations, business functions and processes through exhaustive on-site and off-site audit of on-going compliances
  • Customization and implementation of electronic compliance management system to help streamline compliance processes with standardized workflows and support for self assessment and issue remediation
  • Online dashboard to provide real-time insights into compliance processes through intuitive dashboards and charts, both at consolidated and distributed levels, within the organization
  • Robust contracts and agreements management to take care of all contractual arrangements
  • Timely updates for evolving compliance requirements by a dedicated team of professionals to keep a constant vigil on every notification issued as applicable to your business, with stakeholder communication and updation of the dashboard within 48-72 hours”