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Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Jan 2020

Inside the investment rush in operational infrastructure projects

India’s infrastructure sector has witnessed a steady increase in investor interest over the recent past, especially in operational renewables and road...

Banking & Finance | Dec 2019

Cross-border loan financing – Q&A

Comfort letters are generally issued by the promoters of a borrower, or by parent companies in relation to a financial transaction...

Corporate & Commercial | Dec 2019

Open for business

The Indian government recently announced several measures intended to revive the economy amid worries of a slowdown and very weak global...

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Dec 2019

Ev’s – driving towards a sustainable environment

Automaker Mercedes Benz may have sold 600 units during Diwali, but the automobile sector as a whole is at a low...

Regulatory & Policy | Nov 2019

The fallout of Andhra Pradesh’s U- turn

The Andhra Pradesh government’s announcement regarding the closure of the Amaravati Capital City Startup Area project ..

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Oct 2019

Solutions to PPP chalenges in infrastructure sector

India is potentially the largest global market for public-private partnerships (PPP) thanks to the growing number of PPP projects in the...

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Oct 2019

PPP model for railways

Indian Railways, state-owned by the Ministry of Railways, has been the backbone of India’s mass public transportation network for decades.

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Sep 2019

Emergence of electric vehicle sector in India

The transition to Electric Vehicles (EV’s) in India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government is heading to a complete switch to...

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Sep 2019

Value capture financing – legal issues and challenges

India’s Smart Cities Mission signals a shift towards strategic planning in urban development. Transit-oriented development (TOD) is promoted under smart cities...

Corporate & Commercial | Aug 2019

Voting rights ushering in a new era of capital raising

What do Facebook, Google and Snapchat have in common, apart from being some of the most powerful companies in the world?...