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Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Apr 2020

Analysis of the Major Port Authorities Bill, 2020

The Major Ports Trusts Act came into force in the year 1963 for the constitution of port authorities for major ports...

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Apr 2020

Why the power sector deserves exemption to IBC

It is an established fact that a robust power sector provides one of the fundamental underpinnings for modern socio-economic development.

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Jan 2020

Brief summary of Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy, 2019

With the aim to keep pace with the changing needs of the Solar Energy Sector and vision of becoming a major...

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Jan 2020

Inside the investment rush in operational infrastructure projects

India’s infrastructure sector has witnessed a steady increase in investor interest over the recent past, especially in operational renewables and road...

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Dec 2019

Ev’s – driving towards a sustainable environment

Automaker Mercedes Benz may have sold 600 units during Diwali, but the automobile sector as a whole is at a low...

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Oct 2019

Solutions to PPP chalenges in infrastructure sector

India is potentially the largest global market for public-private partnerships (PPP) thanks to the growing number of PPP projects in the...

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Oct 2019

PPP model for railways

Indian Railways, state-owned by the Ministry of Railways, has been the backbone of India’s mass public transportation network for decades.

Projects Energy & Infrastructure | Sep 2019

Emergence of electric vehicle sector in India

The transition to Electric Vehicles (EV’s) in India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government is heading to a complete switch to...