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Corporate & Commercial | Dec 2020

De(Coding) The Indian EdTech Sector

The National Educational Policy 2020 (Policy) has been touted as a breakthrough in the Indian education sector. The key objective of...

Banking & Finance, Corporate & Commercial | Oct 2020

Understanding e-contracts

The term ’contract’ is defined under Section 2(h) of the Contract Act, 1872 (Contract Act) as an agreement enforceable by law....

Corporate & Commercial | Sep 2020

Beware Observers and Nominee Directors

Shareholders and investors require visibility on the day to day management of a company in which they hold economic interest. The...

Corporate & Commercial | Apr 2020

VNC Not so automatic FDI from China to India

Yesterday (i.e. on April 22, 2020), the Indian Government came out with the FEMA NDI Amendment Rules (FDI Amendment). These rules...

Corporate & Commercial | Apr 2020

India’s FDI changes & Prior Approval Process

Recently, on 22 April 2020, the Government of India (GOI) amended India’s foreign exchange control norms t

Corporate & Commercial, Restructuring & Insolvency | Apr 2020

Coronavirus outbreak – IBC suspension.

Suspension of the IBC for a period of 6 months shall further disable the creditors from initiating insolvency resolution proceedings against...

Corporate & Commercial | Feb 2020

Data protection – Does india want to be the big state

India continues to prove to the world that the State needs to act like a parent for her subjects (data). Good...

Corporate & Commercial | Dec 2019

Open for business

The Indian government recently announced several measures intended to revive the economy amid worries of a slowdown and very weak global...

Corporate & Commercial | Aug 2019

Voting rights ushering in a new era of capital raising

What do Facebook, Google and Snapchat have in common, apart from being some of the most powerful companies in the world?...